A+ Study Skills System – FAQs

Who could benefit from the course?
High school and college students; students in graduate and professional schools; people preparing for civil service and promotional exams; and people who want to learn faster and more effectively.

Can I apply the A+ Study System to my own materials?
Yes. Bring your own materials so that you can apply the system immediately!

What do I learn in the A+ Study System course?
You master a powerful method for learning and studying effectively (resulting in higher grades on quizzes, tests, mid-terms, and final exams). This remarkable method emphasizes learning rather than rote memory, and reduces your mental effort and study time by making it unnecessary to re-read texts and class notes. You also improve your concentration through our “focused learning” method.

What is the difference between the Learning Techniques® speed reading and A+ Study System courses?
In the Learning Techniques® speed reading course, you learn how to rapidly read technical material and textbooks, as well as novels, newspapers, and magazines. In the Learning Techniques® A+ Study System course, you learn a system for understanding and remembering information from lecture notes, textbooks, required readings, and other types of study materials. Many people take both courses.

How do I evaluate my progress?
Apply the A+ Study System immediately to your own materials. You experience an immediate improvement in your ability to learn and recall information.