A+ Study Skills System – NY, NJ, CT

For individuals and small groups in one session in your home.

Taught in person by learning expert Dr. Richard Feldman (Ph.D., Columbia University)

Course Description
The A+ Study System is a major educational breakthrough for high school and college students; students in medical, law, business, and graduate schools; and adults returning to college or preparing for licensing, promotional, certification, and civil service exams.

Apply a powerful system of understanding, analyzing, and remembering to your own textbooks, lecture notes, and study materials. Learn to predict exam questions to dramatically increase your test scores. The A+ Study System emphasizes learning rather than rote memory, and reduces your mental effort and study time. Boredom is eliminated through “focused learning.”

This system is applicable to materials in any field of study. The A+ Study System has proven so effective during the past twenty-five years that you are guaranteed to improve your grades (if you are a student) or additional training is provided free of charge by Learning Techniques®
A+ Study Skills System Format
A+ Study Skills System training requires only one 3-hour training session in your home. In addition to weekdays, Dr. Feldman is also available on Saturdays and Sundays. Please note: Dr. Feldman is not accepting students in 2018.

Who Will Benefit From this Training?
High school and college students; college-bound students; graduate and professional school students; people preparing for promotional exams, licensing exams, certification tests, civil service tests; and adults returning to college who want to learn more effectively.

A+ Study Skills System Guarantee
You must improve your grades (even if you are already getting high grades), or additional training is provided to you at no extra cost. The guarantee is applicable to students only.

The cost of the 3-hour training session in $996. total which includes all training materials. You may include one, two, three or four people in the training session for this cost.

All private A+ Study Skills System training is done in person by learning expert, Dr. Richard Feldman (Ph.D., Columbia University). Please note that Dr. Feldman is not accepting new students in 2018.