Speed Reading Courses – FAQs

Who could benefit from the course?
High school and college students, professionals, executives, and people who want to read faster and more effectively.

Can I really increase my speed in only six hours of training?
Yes. The course is guaranteed to double your reading speed or you get additional instruction at no cost to you.

Will I understand what I read at faster rates?
Yes, your understanding will actually improve in most materials.

What speed reading techniques do I learn?
You learn a variety of speed reading techniques. Some of the techniques are for technical and textbook reading. Other techniques are for leisure reading: novels, newspapers, and magazines.

How do I evaluate my progress?
You evaluate your reading speed and comprehension at the beginning of the course through pre-tests. You track your progress throughout the course with rate and comprehension progress tests.

Can I use speed reading techniques for technical materials? Textbooks? Standardized tests such as LSATs, GREs, SATs?
Yes, our speed reading techniques help you read technical materials, textbooks, and standardized tests faster and more effectively.